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We’ve been trusted advisors in matters of law, business and commerce since 1884.

Practising from the heart of the City of London, its suburbs and home counties, as well as the very birthplace of the English legal profession, we’ve been protecting client rights and preserving their interests (globally) since 1884 to date.

  1. William J Greig establishes practice in London’s Fenchurch Street

    In 1884, William J Greig established his practice at 15 Fenchurch Street in the heart of London’s business, legal and commercial district. On the grounds of our first office now stands the iconic ‘walkie-talkie’ building overlooking another of London’s iconic landmarks, 30 St Mary Axe (also known as the ‘Gherkin’) where coincidently, we held our head office between October 2017 and September 2020.

  2. William J Greig’s son establishes Fairchild Greig & Co. at London’s Carey Street and Lincoln’s Inn

    In 1912, William Fairchild Greig succeeded his father’s practice and changed the practice name to Fairchild Greig & Co., operating from 61 Carey Street and later at 1 New Square on the estate of Lincoln’s Inn which remains the epicentre of the English legal profession to this day.

    A brief history of Lincoln’s Inn

    By an ordinance of 1292, King Edward I took the King’s Courts out of the hands of the clergy and placed them under the control of the judges. As a direct result of this, professionally trained lawyers began to emerge.

    Aspiring lawyers headed to London to listen and learn from established practitioners and it has been said that Lincon’s Inn emerged sometime towards the end of the thirteenth century or early fourteenth century to become still to this day the epicentre of the legal profession in England & Wales.

    Visit The Honourary Society of Lincoln’s Inn’s website below for more details.

  3. Fairchild Greig & Co. returns to Fenchurch Street and opens a branch office in Acton

    William Fairchild Greig moves Fairchild Greig & Co. out of Lincoln’s Inn and back into the City at 177 Fenchurch Street, as well as branching out into West London at Bank Chambers in the area of Acton where it survived to become the second oldest firm the area.

  4. William Fairchild Greig’s sons take over the firm and branch out into Buckinghamshire

    William Fairchild Greig’s sons Roger and Brian took over the practice, Roger running the Acton office and Brian at 177 Fenchurch Street. Roger ran the Acton office until his retirement as senior partner in 1974 when Mr Oliver Dobbs took over and established an office at Gerrards Cross under the name of Fairchild Dobbs & Co. which survived until the 1990’s. Fairchild Greig & Co. in Acton continued to flourish.

  5. The City practice returns to Lincoln’s Inn, later splitting into two separate firms

    Fairchild Greig & Co. moved back into Lincon’s Inn, this time at 5 Stone Buildings, where the firm remained until the merger with Fisher Dowson & Wasbrough. At around the time of the return to Lincoln’s Inn, Henry Wells joined the firm from Clifford Turner and the City office became a separate firm known at Fairchild Greig & Wells while the good name of Fairchild Greig & Co. carried on as a practice in Acton.

    • Brian Greig and Henry Wells worked together until Brian’s retirement in 1975, having built up a reputation for charity law, in particular Church charities, as well as private client matters.
    • Adam Houghton joined the firm in 1975 and remained until his retirement in 2009, and Paul Hall joined in 1977, with Henry Wells retiring in 1979.
    • In 1992 Adam and Paul merged with the partnership of Fisher Dowson & Wasbrough and moved to 10 Great James Street. In due course, the name of the merged practice became Fisher Fairchild Wasbrough.
  6. Christopher Hutson is appointed Partner and establishes our litigation practice

    Mr Christopher Hutson joined Fairchild Greig & Co. in 1977 and established the Litigation Department, specialising in a wide variety of civil litigation. He was appointed a partner of the firm between 1978 and 1987 when he took some time out of the profession.

  7. Duncan N Halliday is promoted to Partner

    Mr Duncan Halliday had joined Fairchild Greig & Co. as an associate solicitor in 1978, dealing with conveyancing and other property work. He became a partner in 1989, dealing with a wide variety of residential and commercial conveyancing, wills, probate and other non-contentious property work.

  8. Christopher Hutson returns as Head of Litigation

    After a career break, during which he was involved in setting up a mediation and arbitration service, Christopher Hutson re-joined the practice in 1991 as a consultant and the head of litigation.

  9. Duncan N Halliday takes over the running of the firm in Acton as Fairchild Greig Dobbs & Co. separates

    Duncan Halliday became the principal of Fairchild Greig & Co. in 1997 when Fairchild Dobbs & Co. became a separate practice. He proceeded to run the firm successfully for the next two decades, and beyond.

  10. Duncan Halliday enrols into the Legal Services Continuum programme

    The Legal Services Continuum programme was devised to ensure the good name and legacy of reputable firms such as ours can live on, and our clients’ interests continue to be protected and preserved for generations to come.

    The programme provides sole principals such as Duncan Halliday the means to collaborate with their peers from other reputable firms, working together as virtually one firm on an interim basis under the practising name of Lexia Law.

    In April 2018, Duncan Halliday commenced the long process of closing down the Fairchild Greig & Co. office in Action after 99 years of practice in the area. He ensured clients’ interests were protected and preserved by working as an interim Senior Partner of Lexia Law, who practised from 6-9 The Square, Stickley Park, near Heathrow.

  11. A new modern operation is made ready to assume the name of Fairchild Greig & Co.

    Working with Mr Amir Khodaparast, the Legal Services Continuum programme director, Duncan Halliday ensured the good name and legacy of Fairchild Greig & Co. can live on for generations to come as the trading style of a modern collaborative practice that combines the people, technology platforms and quality management systems of a wider network of programme participants into a single operation.

    Fairchild Greig & Co. clients old and new were served from interim programme management offices at The Bower, Stockley Park, near Heathrow, as well as the Chiswick Park business centre for those needing to meet closer to the old Acton office.

  12. The new firm of Fairchild Greig & Co. is established at 4 Longwalk, Stockley Park with access to over 50 premises nationwide

    Now under management who work in consultation with Duncan Halliday, the new firm of Fairchild Greig & Co. operates from our head office in 4 Longwalk, Stockley Park, Uxbridge as well as over 50 prestigious premises across England & Wales.

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