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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution should always start with attempting to resolve matters with an empathetic rather than litigious mindset. EU law supports this through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a process for resolving disputes between consumers and traders that don’t involve going to court. ADR is often cheaper than going to court, and good for businesses committed to giving their customers the best possible service. Mediation is a common form of ADR where an independent third party helps the disputing parties to come to a mutually acceptable outcome; Arbitration is another, where an independent third party considers the facts and takes a decision that’s often binding on one or both parties. Several well-established ADR schemes exist for regulated industries such as financial services, energy and telecoms; outside of regulated sectors, many businesses join voluntary ADR schemes. More information is available on the government website here and, of course, our specialists who you can contact below.

How we’re different.
Your best alternative, bar none.

Fairchild Greig provides a highly tailored concierge service that caters to client needs from start to finish. We achieve this as a regulated licensed body, commonly known as an ‘alternative business structure’ or ABS, which allows us to blend regulated, unregulated and complimentary services (such as project management) while working collaboratively with other firms.

Working collaboratively with a league of specialists, lawyers and law firms—we assemble tailored teams of legal (and related) experts to assist you when you are:-

Facing some of your most distressing challenges;

Needing to comply with complex regulatory matters; or

Looking for innovative ways to create value and wealth.

Please learn more about how we work together as #VirtuallyOne on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What we help with:~

Consumer / collection disputes

Business contracts and partnership disputes

Setting aside Judgments and Statutory Demands

Landlord and tenant disputes including evictions, rent, repairs, security deposits

Property and Land use disputes, including property transfers, boundaries, easements and construction

Neighbourhood disputes and personal conflicts

Bankruptcy and Insolvency proceedings

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