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In the post World War I era, which saw the advent of South African gold and diamond mining consortiums, Fairchild Greig helped families and businesses take root in the United Kingdom from the Common Wealth and beyond. In 2019, with our new extended team of qualified immigration (and related) lawyers, we continue striving to help families and businesses alike to deal with the challenges and opportunities of a post Brexit Britain.

How we’re different.
Your best alternative, bar none.

Fairchild Greig provides a highly tailored concierge service that caters to client needs from start to finish. We achieve this as a regulated licensed body, commonly known as an ‘alternative business structure’ or ABS, which allows us to blend regulated, unregulated and complimentary services (such as project management) while working collaboratively with other firms.

Working collaboratively with a league of specialists, lawyers and law firms—we assemble tailored teams of legal (and related) experts to assist you when you are:-

Facing some of you most distressing challenges;

Needing to comply with complex regulatory matters; or

Looking for innovative ways to create value and wealth.

Please learn more about how we work together as #VirtuallyOne on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What we help with:~

We help individuals and their families with all types of visa applications, from entry clearance, extension of leave and settlement to British citizenship. We can also help businesses through the points scoring nature of business immigration, confirm if they score enough points under the various categories to assess eligibility and can help plan, prepare and deliver applications on a case by case or ongoing basis. Our collective areas of experience and expertise include, but is not limited to:-

For Businesses and Employees

Tier 1 Investor Visa

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa

Tier 2 skilled Worker visa

Tier 5 Temporary Workers and Youth Mobility Scheme

Business Visitor Visa

Turkish Businessperson and Workers visa

Representative of an Overseas Business visa

Sponsoring migrants under Tiers 2 and 5

Sponsoring students under Tier 4

Compliance with sponsorship duties

For Individuals and Families

Visitors visa

Investor and Entrepreneur visas

Exceptional Talent visa

Studying in the UK

Working in the UK

Joining family in the UK

UK Ancestry visa

Settling in the UK

British Citizenship

EEA Nationals treaty rights



Bail and Temporary Admission




Challenging Home Office decisions

Extension of Leave / Visa (Further Leave To Remain)

British Citizenship (Naturalisation)

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