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Project Management

Project Management

Applying project management principles, tools and techniques to client matters helps our legal service delivery teams to improve the quality of work we do for you, reduce the time it takes to deliver it, and therefore the costs to you. It also helps our multidisciplinary teams to collaboratively innovate solutions to complex problems that average law firm staff simply can’t.

Our Project and Programme Management leaders are professionally certified and experienced. Managing projects of all sizes, from a £10,000 budget to over £100 million, they’ve successfully delivered over 200 projects in and across 20 cities, spanning 12 countries and 4 continents.

How we’re different.

Your best alternative, bar none.

Fairchild Greig provides a highly tailored concierge service that caters to client needs from start to finish. We achieve this as a regulated licensed body, commonly known as an ‘alternative business structure’ or ABS, which allows us to blend regulated, unregulated and complimentary services (such as project management) while working collaboratively with other firms.

Working collaboratively with a league of specialists, lawyers and law firms—we can bring together and assemble tailored teams of legal (and related) experts to assist you when you are:-

Facing some of your most distressing challenges;

Needing to comply with complex regulatory matters; or

Looking for innovative ways to create value and wealth.

Please learn more about how we work together as #VirtuallyOne on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What we can do to help

Whether it’s a simple conveyancing case you need extra care with; or the next technological innovation that’s set to disrupt the status quo, save lives and change the world; and anything in between—we’re here to help ensure your project gets delivered on-time and within budget. Here are just a few examples of projects we typically help to succeed:-

GDPR assessment, readiness and change management projects;

Post-merger people, platform and process integration projects;

Supply-Chain optimisation and Trading Partner Agreement projects;

Family Office and concierge service projects.

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